Innovative Geotechnical Solutions

What is under a piece of property is as important as what's on it. This is especially true when construction is being considered. Properly performed geotechnical engineering can result in improved and economical foundation design with less construction delays. Pattison Engineering, LLC's staff experience in Geotechnical Engineering allows us to provide cost-effective solutions to the structural engineer and builder to use in designing and constructing the building foundation.

Comprehensive Construction Materials Testing

We believe that Construction Materials Testing is a critical point in making a building a reality. Pattison Engineering, LLC will work closely with you to provide accurate analysis of your construction materials, using our fully-equipped In-House Laboratory to perform required quality control testing.

Construction Inspection

Pattison Engineering, LLC can bring our extensive experience and knowledge of construction materials and engineering to inspect your products. Our staff of engineers and certified inspectors will review your building's structure and materials and help you maintain construction in compliance with the approved project specifications.