Comprehensive Construction Materials Testing

We believe that Construction Materials Testing is a critical point in making a building a reality. You can trust Pattison Engineering to protect your interests during the construction process by offering experienced professionals who will help avoid or minimize construction oversights and delays.

We work closely with contractors to implement our geotechnical engineering recommendations, provide accurate analysis of construction materials, and document adherence to specifications. Our In-House Laboratory allows us to test and analyze the properties and performance behavior of soils as well as perform mechanical, hydraulic, and physical tests on all construction materials.

Our Materials Testing Services Include:

Materials Testing

  • Compressive Strength Tests of Concrete, Mortar, and Grout
  • Flexural Strength Determinations of Concrete
  • Complete Aggregate Quantitative/Qualitative Testing
  • Selected Asphaltic Concrete Testing
  • Select Masonry Unit Qualitative Testing
  • Fully-Equipped AASHTO R18 Laboratory

Concrete Testing

  • Complete Inspection of Concrete Batching Equipment, Trucks, and Curing Procedures
  • Verify Compliance with American Concrete Institute (ACI) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Procedures and Specifications
  • Concrete Sampling for Air Content, Slump, Temperature, and Unit Weight
  • Creation of Cylinders for Compressive Strength Tests
  • Observe Concrete Placement and Hardened End Product Testing
  • Evaluate and Recommend Repairs, Procedures and Materials

Asphaltic Concrete Testing

  • Complete Verification of Aggregate Gradation, Asphaltic Content, Bulk Specific Gravity, Stability and Flow
  • Batch Plant Control Monitoring to Assess Aggregate Gradation, Asphalt Content, Bulk Specific Gravity, Stability and Flow
  • Field Quality Control to Determine and Monitor Temperature, Lift Thickness and Compaction Through Verified Core Samples
  • Pavement Design Recommendations Based on Field and Laboratory Test Results, Soil Strength and Moisture Data, and Types and Volumes of Traffic Expected

Soils Testing

  • Overview of Earth Grading Activities
  • Suggestion of Alternatives in Construction Equipment and Procedures
  • Determine the Need for Moisture Adjustment
  • Analyze the Suitability of Soils for Structural Fill
  • Eveluate the Need for Drainage, Undercutting, Stabilization, or Geosynthetics

Structural Steel

  • Shop and Field Welding Inspection
  • Structural Steel Inspection
  • High-Strength Bolt Testing
  • High-Strength Bolt Inspection

In-House Laboratory

Pattison Engineering's Fully-Equipped In-House Laboratory

Pattison Engineering maintains a fully-equipped In-House Laboratory to suit your materials testing and geotechnical needs. Our lab technicians are all knowledgeable in standardized test methods. Our analyses are conducted in conformance with applicable standards, specifications, and through a proven quality assurance program.

All test results are reviewed and approved by the Project Manager, prior to acceptance. Calibration records are maintained for the required instrumentation and are conducted by independant sources, in accordance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Specific test procedures are performed in accordance with AASHTO, ACI, ASTM, EPA and ADOT standards.

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